Monthly 50/50 Raffle

Monthly 50/50 Raffle

Date: Monthly

Location: Online only

Every month we will be hosting an online 50/50 Raffle. You could win BIG while supporting hospice palliative care in Mississauga and Brampton!

November’s 50/50 raffle tickets go on sale Monday Oct 31! 



Tickets increments are:

  • 10 tickets for $10
  • 40 tickets for $20
  • NEW 250 tickets for $40 (best value) 


November’s Draw Dates

  • Jackpot Draw is Wednesday, November 30 at 10am



Congratulations to our 50/50 Raffle winners!

OCT                 Early Bird Winner of $500: Brett M.                    Jackpot Winner of $635: Heather A.

SEPT               Early Bird Winner of $500: Kathy R.                   Jackpot Winner of $530: Brett M.

AUGUST        Early Bird Winner of $500: Stephanie M.           Jackpot Winner of $780  Patricia O.

JULY               Early Bird Winner of $500: Evelyn B.                 Jackpot Winner of $825: Mary K.

JUNE              Early Bird Winner of $500: Lianne S.                  Jackpot Winner of $945: Lisa M.

MAY                Early Bird Winner of $500: Janet G.                    Jackpot Winner of $1,035: Laurie G.

APRIL             Early Bird Winner of $500: Mary H.                    Jackpot Winner of $2,700: Dilnawaz K.

MARCH          Early Bird Winner of $500:  Gail Q.                      Jackpot Winner of $1,450: Laurie G.

FEBRUARY    Early Bird Winner of $500: Alsace R.                  Jackpot Winner of $1,930: Mary W.

JANUARY       Early Bird Winner of $500: Renae A.                  Jackpot Winner of $1,910: Susan R.

DECEMBER   Early Bird Winner of $500: Dennis M.               Jackpot Winner of $5,350: Ed G.


Online only